COP – Compose Operation Plattform

Compose Operation Platform (COP) is a complete ‘turn-key’ solution for centralized operation management.

COP is built on top of the power of the fault management solution Netcool from IBM and data management capabilities from Elastic. This is complemented with a performance solution from SevOne.
We have taken our experience from working with numerous customers in different segments and made a solution to address what we see is important and created functions to allow for flexible and effective management of the operation platform over time.
This is not only software, it is also the data model, processes and procedures supported by tools to manage the solution in an efficient way.
If suitable besides installation, we offer complete operation and maintenance of the solution, in addition, to support for the included components from IBM, Elastic and SevOne.


Fault management, the capability to receive or collect any structured messages – events, from virtually any source, to normalize, deduplicate, correlate and add operational and business context to each and every event is in the heart of COP.
Netcool is very powerful and is originally built to manage the huge amounts of events in telecom environments and can be scaled both horizontally and vertically to cater to the most demanding environments.
We have designed the solution in this offer as a redundant single tier, but it can easily be expanded at a later stage. We support solutions today in different environments spanning from traditional IT, telecom and physical infrastructure all the way to IoT solutions for global environments. Although most of our customers use COP for IT and IT-related environment we also have customers that are not related to IT at all and manage events and alerts from things like escalators, lifts, machinery, enviroment systems, radio and even different types of cranes.


COP is highly flexible. All fields, filters, views and attributes can be customized and used in a way so that we can adopt the solution to your needs and way of working.
This flexible capability caters for a system where new source-system can be added without affecting your way of working and we see that the sources can be kept as simple as possible. This is enabled from the design where your business logic is managed by the Operation Platform, COP and not in the source systems.
In the proposal we base the installation on COP best practices, but we like to stress that if we have misinterpreted or overseen requirements for your unique environment COP can easily be adopted to your needs.


As the architecture and usability are flexible so is the security. Everything from encryption of communication and data at rest, individual or role-based access to audit trails and context-based alarm-access can, if required be configured.
However here we, based on our experience urge you to be mindful. The information created and managed by this operation platform can be highly useful well beyond the 1st and 2nd line users in the operation center. The more the data and information is used in your organization the higher the data quality will be and thereby increase the value. It becomes a positive spiral.
AD-integration and encryption of communication are included in the standard setup.
Security is of course Important but should always be balanced with usability.
COP has the capabilities necessary to be deployed in military-grade environments.



By using COP as your Operation Platform, you will have a solution that can support your efforts regardless if you are running traditional ITIL, DevOps or aim for AIOps and closed loop Operation. How ever what we usually meet is a combination of all above.
COP will give you a both flexible and robust core. To this you can evolve and develop any number of solutions tailored to your processes, procedures and strategies.

There is a saying – the only constant is change. COP is designed with this in mind. We know that technologies come and goes and Monitoring systems and EMS with them. We know that you as a company changes, decentralization and centralization takes turn and incorporations or carveouts happens when the market shifts.
During all this, COP can adapt, evolve and support your requirements.
If you don’t want to take our word for it, look at our customers:
Many of them have run iterations of COP for 10+ years with the same core structure, the same event process and the same central operation platform, more viable than ever.