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Many companies use several different services and products in their IT infrastructure, from several different suppliers. It becomes easy messy. We will assist you with a comprehensive monitoring of your IT infrastructure, so you can ensure the service level. We help you to find and fix any errors and we will help you to automate the operation. We even solve problems before they arise.

Flera system

Flera olika system kan lätt orsaka en rörig och trasslig it-infrastruktur...

En överblick

...men genom en samlad övervakning levererar vi en helhetsbild av er it-miljö.

Identifierar problem

Problem på vägen? Eventuella fel upptäcks och identifieras.

Skapar åtgärdsplan

När problemet har upptäckts och identifierats upprättas en åtgärdsplan.

Rätt info till rätt person

Information om upprättad åtgärdsplan skickas till ansvarig person inom ert företag.

Stabil tjänst leder till nöjda användare

En tidig upptäckt av problemet garanterar kunden en stabil uptime vilket ger en stabil tjänst... Vilket ger er nöjda användare.

Compose IT - en trygg partner

Nöjda användare innebär att ni, som våra kunder, också blir nöjda.

Our Solutions

Compose IT focuses on solutions within Service Assurance, IT Service Management and Application Performance Management. We help companies to get a comprehensive monitoring of all of the components of the digital IT infrastructure. Through monitoring and automated actions, we help you to ensure service levels!

Performance Management

A unique tool that helps you discover and avoid performance issues before they affect your business.

Application Performance Management

The tool gives you a deeper understanding of how your customers interact with your site.

Fault Management
IBM Netcool

The most competent product portfolio in the market. Automatically detects, isolates and corrects errors in an IT environment.

Hybrid IT Service Assurance

ScienceLogic delivers next-generation monitoring platform and enables holistic end-to-end visibility over on-premise and off-premise resources.

Listen to our Customers

Our mission is to identify problems, deliver solutions and ensure
stability and uptime so that you as a customer get a hassle-free everyday life.
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Business Service Management

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