Customer survey 2021

Compose IT, Stockholm 11 Januari 2022

Continued high confidence in Compose IT among customers

The independent consulting company Great Consulting conducts a customer survey every year on the existing customers that Compose IT has in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. The responses in the survey are assessed based on Compose IT’s ability to create operational, tactical, and strategic values for its existing customers as well as the overall customer satisfaction. The survey is based on customer-perceived values and quality and are conducted through in-depth interviews in three different steps. The study shows that:

  • Compose IT has an elevated level of trust among its customers, which are displayed by the high rating when they come to the quality of the deliveries of projects that Compose IT conducts.
  • Customers are valuing the existing relationship with Compose IT based on a high degree of satisfaction
  • Clear picture that customers have a desire for increased cooperation with Compose IT in the coming year
  • An increasing importance of the relationship with Compose IT and the business benefits of the services that Compose IT delivers
  • 100% of customers can recommend a collaboration with Compose IT to other organizations.

”At Compose IT, we strive to be a valuable partner for our customers and contribute to their business success. These survey results clearly show that we have come a long way with this goal and are today an important partner for our clients. Our customers have also given us concrete proposals within the framework of joint product and service development, which shows that customers see Compose IT as an important partner in the future for their continued development. This, together with the satisfactory results on our deliveries, makes me as CEO really proud and happy.”

Jonny Sigemo CEO Compose IT


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Compose IT has been on the market for more than 25 years and we supply customized solutions and services in IT Operation, IT Service Management and Application Performance Management. Our customers are in both the public and private sectors and in most industries around the Nordic region. We have offices in Stockholm, Gävle, Östersund and Örebro.