IT Operations Assessment by Compose IT (English)

Do you sometimes wonder how your IT Operations ”really” functions? Are you moving towards AIOps? How should DevOps interact with traditional operations?


New service offer from Compose IT

Compose IT has worked with services and solutions in IT Operations for more than 25 years and we are frequently asked if we can help with a screening of the IT Operations, e.g. tools, processes or/and organization. Sometimes we act as a sounding board, but more often we become advisory experts in IT Operations.

To meet this demand and based on our experience and unique expertise in the field, we have recently launched a new service offer – IT Operations Assessment – which with the help of simple tools and methods, in addition to a reasonable investment, gives you a valuable current analysis of your IT Operations and a recommendation on the way forward.

The new service from Compose IT analyzes the organization’s ability to detect, assess and escalate actual or potential disruptions in the infrastructure and services to create the conditions for a trouble-free IT delivery.

The results of the analysis can form the basis for moving towards a more proactive and automated IT operations and thereby increase both efficiency and quality in your IT services.

Why IT Operations Assessment?

The purpose of the IT Operations Assessment is to map the organization’s IT Operations with a focus on current operational functions and connections between the monitoring capacity and its applications within IT Service Management.

Often companies have most of the puzzle pieces in place but tend to focus on symptom carriers, e.g. tools or own skills. Many times it tends to be costly technical projects when it is rather the connections that are crucial for maturing in their ability.

Our IT Operations Assessment service helps you focus on what creates value!

The analysis evaluates your systems and processes against best practices and helps the organization plan for the future.

Examples of analysis areas

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Efficiency and proactivity of IT Operations
  • Resource utilization
  • How to evaluate subcontractors’ compliance with operational processes
  • Use of systems and automation to support IT Operations

How is an IT Operations Assessment carried out?

The basis of our assessment consists of a questionnaire containing approx. one hundred questions related to IT Operations. Depending on the size of the organization, 5-10 in-depth interviews are also conducted with key people within the organization, e.g. IT Manager, IT Operations Manager or other suitable persons within the organization. At the same time, an analysis is made of processes and routines used in the IT Operations.

A central part of the assessment is our IT Operations Maturity Model which we use to identify the operational organization’s maturity. The model is vital to our assessment and can be used for decisions about moving towards a higher degree of automation and proactivity.

Results from IT Operations Assessment – deliverables

When the analysis is completed, we present our analysis containing the organization’s current degree of maturity and measures needed to go to the next level as well as recommended activities, ranked by priority.

After the assessment you will have a better understanding and knowledge of how your company’s IT Operations work and how you can achieve more efficient IT Operations with the help of proactivity and control.


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