Compose IT Customer Satisfaction increases during 2020

Stockholm January 14, 2021

Compose IT Customer Satisfaction increases during 2020

Every year, the independent consulting company Great Consulting conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey including all major existing Compose IT customers in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

The answers from the survey are carefully assessed on the basis of Compose IT’s ability to create operational, tactical and strategic values ​​for its existing customers and the overall customer satisfaction.

The survey is based on customer perceived values ​​and quality and is conducted via in-depth interviews in 3 steps.

The result from 2020 shows, among other things:

  • The collected data show that customers value their partnership with Compose IT highly, and that the service that Compose IT delivers meet their needs and requirements
  • The survey shows that the overall relationship with Compose IT as a supplier and partner has been strengthened
  • 100 % of the customers can and will recommend a collaboration with Compose IT to other organizations
  • The survey clearly displays that customers wish to expand the collaboration with Compose IT in the near future
  • Strong confirmation from customers that Compose IT live up to its own company values being Commitment, Competence and Joy 

The fact that we at Compose IT see an increase in total customer satisfaction is something that makes me as CEO very proud and pleased. The survey shows a strengthened overall relationship between us at Compose IT and our existing customers. I am also very pleased with the great commitment that exists among our customers to jointly develop the relationship with us at Compose IT into the future. We have received a confirmation that we really act according to our values ​​in the organization (Commitment, Competence and Joy) and that we also almost exclusively live up to the high overall goal of our customer collaborations.

Jonny Sigemo, CEO Compose IT Nordic AB

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