Compose IT Sweden, Stockholm January 17, 2019

Compose IT customer survey shows continued customer satisfaction

The independent consulting company, Great Consulting, conducts a customer survey of existing customers Compose IT has in Sweden, Norway and Finland every year. The answers to the survey are assessed based on Compose IT’s ability to create operational, tactical and strategic values ​​of its existing customers as well as overall customer satisfaction. The survey is based on knowledge-based values ​​and quality and is conducted through deep interviews in 3 different stages. The survey shows that:

– Compose IT’s strengthened their position as a competence partner among its customers with a high delivery capability.

– The willingness to recommend Compose IT among existing customers is 100%. This is an outstanding good result on how customers perceive Compose IT.

– The survey also clearly showed increased demand for Compose IT’s services in new functional areas.

 ”We have had, and continue to have, strong growth in the company, but it is not worth anything if it affects customer delivery. It is important that growth is the result of delivering high quality and precision, and this confirms this fine result. There are also several elements in this survey that makes me proud. For example, the willingness to recommend us to other companies, as well as the demand for our services in new areas. Looking forward to the future in continuing developing our partnership with existing and new customers. ”

Jonny Sigemo CEO Compose IT



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Jonny Sigemo, CEO Compose IT, Tel: +46 8-7936640, E-mail: jonny.sigemo@compose.se

About Compose IT

Compose IT has been on the market for more than 25 years and we provide customized solutions and services in Service Assurance, IT Service Management and Application Performance Management. Our customers are located in the public and private sectors and in most industries around the Nordic countries. Compose IT operates from offices in Stockholm, Gävle and Östersund.

Published: January 17, 2019