Network Performance Reports

Access your Network Performance reports fast, really fast!

The Compose IT solution allows you to present tailored reports of network traffic statistic data within sub-seconds.

When using your SevOne NMS you know it’s as a powerful Network Performance solution that give you comprehensive reports and statistics. All that is fine but when you like to present tailored reports over many interfaces and similar detailed data you may encounter slower responsetimes in the native reporting capabilities.
An example, is when you want to present large subset of objects along with realtime data.
You can use TopN reports but you might have to wait for large quantities and can not drill down to customized reports.
More importantly, measurements in those TopN reports can be up to 2.5 hours old.

Our aim was to present tailored reports of near realtime data in subseconds, to tie in with active alerts, colorize related indicator values and make tailored drill downs available.

For this the Compose IT’s solution using the SOAP API did not fullfill our requirements, making a request for each indicator. The REST API at the time of writing this is faster but not suited for fetching large quantities of indicator data. The best alternative was to use the internal API being orders of magnitude faster.

We still needed to enrich the data with filterdata such as traffic type, traffic class and customer and connection id’s. To solve this and still cut down even further on the response times, we chose to cache all enriched data ready to be fetched by a client at any time.

The caching is distributed to the collectors where the data resides to spread the load.

A new simple REST API was built to handle accesscontrol and facilitate data to the client which is an Angular application.

This gives a lightning fast portal where you can access near reltime data with 60 min history almost as fast as you can click. Let your NOC or Capacityplanner have instant access to updated and detailed information as they need it!

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