Seminar Machine Learning, AI and how to turn this in to a more effective IT Operations

Compose IT & IBM Sverige held a joint Seminar on Wednesday April 18th at the IBM Client Center in Kista, Stockholm, presenting Machine Learning, AI and how to turn this in to a more effective IT Operations.

Mikael Haglund, CTO and Joakim Tenlen, Offering Manager from IBM Sweden spent 3 hours discussing this together with Compose IT´s IT Service Architect Niklas Håkansson and our customers from the Telecom, Manufacturing & MSP sectors.

Some of the key Product components that we are using to deliver this functionality is based on IBM/Predictive Insights.

The strength of the product Predictive Insights lies in analyzing and finding a connection in your Performance Data (Time Series Data) to then be able to predict events and see the impact from a wider perspective. This is done by continuously reading the incoming data, analyzing and calculating the content to find a connection and to see the impact that would not be possible with manual analyzes or historical reports. The system alerts you at identified deviations from the default mode and allows you to see through the user interface where the dynamic threshold has been broken or the connection has occurred. With this type of system as an analytical layer on top of your normal performance data collection, new opportunities for decision making are opened in your daily operations. Keep in mind that even before a major malfunction or interruption you can predict the event and prevent a shutdown before it has occurred or you can see the connection and improve both the stability and the experience for your users.


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