SevOne Performance Management

The SevOne Network Performance Management Solution has once again found problems in the network environment before they affected the customer’s applications!


Compose IT delivers solutions based on the best products in the world within the Network Performance Management and Service Assurance space. It’s great fun to once again hear from our customers how it helped them in the real life production environment. A major Swedish MSP reported that their SevOne PAS Network Performance Management Solution once again found errors on network equipment and did send notification alarms for action. The built-in trending and baseline function, linked to dynamic alarm thresholds, works very well. It ensures that preventive actions can be taken before the problem has hit the customer’s environment, and this in the form of downtime and major outages!


 Network Monitoring: Challenges

You’re in Network Operations. The boss is on the phone, asking why the network isn’t operating. Do you have the information to deliver the right answer?  No one likes having to say “I don’t know.” 

The scale and complexity of today’s IT infrastructures, and the limits of legacy performance monitoring solutions, make blind spots, knowledge gaps and delays inevitable.

The right network performance monitoring platform can give you the flexibility, speed, integration, scale and data that you need to confidently answer today’s toughest questions.


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