Compose IT improves quality

Compose IT develops and delivers a wide range of portal solutions and dashboards that simplify, improve and combine automations, functions and data for our customers. This provides a full network overview at a glance, tailored to the needs of the customer.

 Right now we are building a NOC portal to a major Nordic telecom operator. The portal will enable the reporting and presentation of Performance Monitoring real-time statistics for L2 and L3 network services and mobile backhaul.

The Portal will be used to verify the quality of service for troubleshooting and analysis and will be an important tool for our client’s internal network and service supervisors.

The customer has previously SevOne Performance Monitoring System, a PM solution for the statistics that we have supplied, installed, customized, and also manages and develops.

The new portal will be based on data from SevOne collected and calculated for each customer-specific KPI every five minutes.

The new users will be able to filter information based on different grouping values ??chosen and thereby quickly and easily customize their view on demands and situation.

The opportunity is now available to customize and combine the service information based on the desired level or degree of detail.

For the client side we chose Angular2 for a smooth and easy implementation and Bootstrap to get a responsive design well suited for mobile devices. The main focus is fast response times and we achieve this by storing the most requested information in the business layer. This is done in the REST service we have built as an intermediate layer between SevOne’s API and the client application. The result is rapid response times as low as a few milliseconds, despite the large amount of data that the reports are based on, that otherwise would be several seconds.