Virtual Operator – The modern way to efficient IT-Operation

In the rapidly changing world of technology and networking, it is critical to have effective methods to monitor and manage alarms and incidents. Virtual Operator is our latest module in the Compose Collection and a powerful tool that helps your Operators with quick decisions, automatic actions and repetitive tasks.

Increased efficiency with Virtual Operator

Virtual Operator monitors the alarmlist to detect and react to predefined patterns and behaviors. This is possible through the use of various sensors and smart algorithms that are adapted to your needs. Everything is then built up in a graphical interface and in different scenarios. Virtual Operator can then automate various types of actions and logical decisions, saving time and resources.

Grouping of events, correlation, automatic actions or triage

Some of the most powerful features of Virtual Operator are the ability to group events based on predefined values or automatic grouping of root causes into symptom events and to perform automatic actions or triage of an event. This makes it possible to quickly identify and handle complex incidents and reduce the number of alarms. In addition, notifications can easily be sent via email or create support cases to ensure that the right people are informed at the right time.

Customized decisions and feedback

Virtual Operator also offers flexibility in making decisions and providing feedback. Based on previous results, different paths can be taken to solve the problem. In addition, Virtual Operator can automatically update or change the events in the Omnibus or record information in the journal for future reference and improvement.

An investment in efficiency and safety

Integrating Virtual Operator into your event management is not only an investment in efficiency but also in security. By using the technology and capabilities that Virtual Operator provides, you can quickly react to threats and incidents, reduce downtime and ensure smoother operations.

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, Virtual Operator is a necessary function to manage complex events. If you would like to learn more about how Virtual Operator can help your business, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you on the journey towards a more efficient and secure IT-Operation.



With Virtual Operator you are always one step ahead!