Version 5.5 Reports and Visualization

This update includes a number of features and improvements aimed at further improving the user experience and functionality for our customers.

Dynamic Sidebar improves the usability of the History Tool

One of the most anticipated features of the new version is the ability to use the Dynamic Sidebar in the History Tool as well. This enables users to easily navigate and filter historical data and quickly access relevant information.

Intuitive Time Select with quick dial

The version also includes a new intuitive time select function with quick selection options. This makes it easy to zoom in on specific time ranges and quickly generate reports based on desired time periods.

Integration of Knowledgebase, Journal, Map and Audit Trail in Sidebar

Compose IT has taken a step forward by integrating several important modules directly into the sidebar. Users can now easily access the Knowledgebase, Journal, Map and Audit Trail without having to navigate between different windows or alarms. This increases efficiency and makes it easier to follow events and data.

New export function of individual alarms

The updated version of the Collection module also includes a brand new export function that makes it possible to easily extract and save individual alarms for analysis or reporting. This is a valuable feature to make data more accessible and customizable for users’ specific needs.


New function to send alarms back to Omnibus

For users who need to manage alarms and events in a more advanced way, Compose IT has included a new tool to send alarms back to Omnibus. This can be done either as a cloned event or as a completely new event, which provides increased flexibility in the handling of alarms and events.

Audit Trail

Audit Trail saves every action performed on an alarm. It includes the creation of the alert, any changes made, and when the alert is closed or archived. This creates a detailed timestamp history that allows users to see exactly how an alarm has evolved over time.