COP in operation

Are you also looking for opportunities to gain control over your IT environment? Through central IT monitoring, COP, our customer gets better decision support for their business and, not least, they become an even better customer and demander of their subcontractors.

We meet Johan Rinaldo, one of Compose IT’s experienced and competent IT Consultants to hear more about how our customers use Compose IT’s solutions and what problems it solves.

Often the customer is a larger company or organization with a complex IT environment that includes several different networks, servers and other technical equipment for the infrastructure. Just like with one of Johan’s customers, this means several different monitoring systems for the IT operations management to keep track of. With a large number of different alarm sources and alarm types, it is difficult to get an overview and prioritize correctly.

Customer’s customer

Like many companies and organizations, this customer’s IT environment also generates a large number of different alarms daily, around the clock, year round. Most alarms are harmless, while others refer to events in the IT environment that can be both costly and time-consuming when it affects daily operations.

This particular customer runs a transport business that spans large geographical areas and premises – which are used by many users in everyday life. They also have large infrastructure investments where IT is operationally critical. If there are stoppages and problems in critical systems, it becomes very important, because then they cannot deliver their service. In addition to pure IT operations, the customer also has other applications in their IT infrastructure, including electronic locks for service areas and technology rooms, which also require monitoring.

Therefore, they need a central monitoring system, COP, for their IT environment, which gathers alarms from monitored systems and infrastructure to get a better overview. Likewise, tools for classifying the alarms – which makes it easier to be able to prioritize and see what really requires action. A simple decision support for the central IT Operations Management.

The technical solution – a decision support

Compose IT often has long relationships with its customers, and in this case the needs over time have guided today’s system solution. What is done and has been done at the customer is everything from installing, upgrading and managing to configuring the underlying Netcool platform with all its constituent components. Among other things, addition and configuration of modules from the Compose Collection such as Dynamic Event Manager and tools to be able to create reports based on historical alarm data.

– An important part of the job is managing integrations with partly monitored systems (alarm sources) and partly other surrounding systems such as inventory databases (CMDB) to enrich alarms with additional information and case management systems to create work orders based on alarms, explains Johan.

– Correct documentation is a prerequisite for getting various alarms and matters properly prioritized. It is a continuous effort to classify different types of events and alarms, which we identify with the help of key personnel and experts at the customer, says Johan. With the Dynamic Event Management module, the solution is self-learning and automatically adds new alarms for classification.

In order to ensure high availability and operational reliability, Compose IT in principle always delivers redundant system solutions, so also in this case.

With its complex IT environment and infrastructure, the customer has a number of subcontractors for operation and support. With a centralized monitoring, COP, and historical alarm data, they also have better opportunities to make demands and follow up on their operating suppliers and their partners.

Customer-adapted working method

Johan works together with a small team at the customer, and is often on site one day a week. It is both ongoing management and maintenance, but above all continued further development and configuration of the underlying Netcool platform. With the competence and experience that Johan and his colleagues have, it is valuable technical support and support for the customer’s own team.

– Yes, we often have an advisory role with the customer in these matters, concludes Johan Rinaldo.


With over 600,000 working hours, Compose IT has accumulated a solid competence and experience bank. It is the bank that our customers benefit from today, and that is behind our system solutions.

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(Footnote: for contractual reasons we do not name the customer)