Compose Operation Platform – COP

Compose Operation Platform (COP) is a complete turnkey solution for centralized operations management.
COP is built on the power of the fault-management solution from IBM Netcool and data management functions from Elastic. COP is supplemented with performance management from SevOne.
We have taken our experience from working with many customers in different segments and made a solution to manage what we see is important and created features to enable flexible and efficient management of the operating platform over time.
COP is not just software, it is also the data models , processes and procedures supported by tools to manage the solution effectively.
If desired, in addition to installation, we offer complete operation and maintenance of the solution in addition to support for the included components from IBM, Elastic and SevOne.



Error handling, the ability to receive or aggregate events, from virtually any imaginable and imaginable source, to normalize, deduplicate, correlate, and add operational and business context to each event is at the heart of the Compose Operation Platform. Through this, we can thereby automatically prioritize and filter out what is important.
Netcool is very powerful and was originally built to handle massive amounts of events in telecom environments and can scale both horizontally and vertically to accommodate the most demanding environments.
We support solutions today in diverse environments ranging from traditional IT, telecom and physical infrastructure all the way to IoT solutions for global environments. Although most of our customers use COP for IT and IT-related environment, we also have customers that are not related to IT at all and manage events and alerts from things like escalators, elevators, machines, environmental systems, radio and even different types of of lifting cranes.


COP is very flexible. All fields, filters, views and attributes can be customized and used in a way that we can adapt the solution to your needs and your way of working.
This flexibility allows, among other things, that a new source system can be added without affecting the way you work and we see that the sources can be kept as simple as possible. This is made possible thanks to a design where your business logic is handled by the Compose Operation Platform, COP and not in the source systems themselves.
We have an accepted best practice for implementing COP, but we want to emphasize that if specific requirements for your unique environment arise, COP can be easily adapted to your needs.


Just as the architecture and usability are flexible, so is security. Everything from encryption of communications and data at rest, individual or role-based access to audit trails and context-based alarm access can, if required, be configured.
Based on our experience, we advise you to be cautious about setting too high security requirements for the system. The information created and managed by this operations platform can be very useful far beyond the front-line and second-line users of the operations center. The more the collected information is used in your organization, the higher the data quality and thus the value increases. It becomes a positive spiral.
AD integration and encryption of communications are included in the standard set. Security is of course important but should always be balanced with usability.
The COP has the capabilities required to be deployed in military grade environments.



By using COP as your operations platform, you’ll have a solution that can support your efforts whether you’re running traditional ITIL, DevOps, or aiming for AIOps and Closed-Loop-Operation. Many of our customers use COP successfully while also having a mixture of these.

COP gives you both flexibility while having a robust core. For this, you can develop any number of solutions adapted to your processes, procedures and strategies.

There is a saying – the only constant is change. COP is designed with this in mind. We know that technologies come and go and monitoring systems and EMS (source systems) with them. We know that you as a company change, decentralization and centralization vary over time and that takeovers or divestments occur when the market changes.
During all this, COP can adapt, develop and support your requirements.
If you don’t want to take our word for it, look at our customers:
Many of them have been running iterations of COP for 10+ years with the same core structure, same event process, and same central operating platform, more viable than ever.