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An organization that works with electricity, water, heating and city networks and has its own production units and distribution networks.


The EU NIS Directive for the management of Critical Infrastructure means that you need to gain better control of the entire environment as it should, including IT parts, production units and distribution networks.

You also want to streamline the business by ensuring that the correct maintenance and repair of the equipment is done when needed and also ensuring that invoicing is not wrong so that revenue is missed or delayed.



Thanks to the architecture with easily customizable PowerPacks, ScienceLogic can be configured to monitor the entire technical environment with one and the same tool, both traditional IT infrastructure with servers and IT networks and also the components of the physical infrastructure that control production units and distribution networks for electricity, heat and water.

The PowerPacks are customized to the various technical standards that the components use and all alarms come to a central function that has the overall picture. The status of all equipment is displayed graphically for the employees, with custom views depending on the role you have in the work.

The overall picture is also used to understand which root cause a problem has. To quickly identify root cause is important in order to be able to push down MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), but it is difficult in a complex environment unless the monitoring is common.

If the components are subjected to physical or digital intrusion attempts, these alarms are collected so that they can be forwarded to specialized systems and personnel to be addressed.

When a component alarms because it does not work as it should, you get details of what the fault is and can thus ensure that the right field technician goes to the right place and has the right spare parts with him. One can also get information before the errors become serious and then do preventive service to avoid downtime.

For electricity and water meters in the households, it is monitored that they send their data correctly, so that during the invoicing it is certain that all measured values ​​are present.

All data is saved to be used for analysis and planning.


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