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Operating for more than 25 years, Compose IT provides customised solutions and services in automation and operation. Compose IT prides itself on tailoring to your needs and will never be a factory. Customers in many industries – across the public and private sectors – appreciate the personal relationships, quality, and constant development delivered by Compose IT. Compose IT has offices in Östersund, Gävle and Stockholm, Sweden and operates throughout the Nordic region

Hybrid IT Management

The IT environments today are complex with a mix of traditional server operations and cloud services, hybrid IT

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Fault Management

Fault Management is about correctly managing all the thousands of events that occur in the IT systems, and can automatically determine which alarms require actions.

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Network Performance Management

Network Performance Management is part of IT Infrastructure Performance Management. Within this functional area, you handle performance and availability of all types of digital equipment such as networks, IoT devices, servers, applications, databases and virtualization platforms.

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Application Performance Management

A unique tool that helps you discover and avoid performance problems before they affect your business.

Modern applications are complex, with many parts that interact and high rate of change. At the same time, digitalisation suggests that the business is highly dependent on the fact that internal and external applications are always available and that changed usage patterns can be analyzed quickly.

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