Fault Management

It's about keeping the light on, not turning it on when it goes out

Fault Management is about correctly managing all the thousands of events that occur in the IT systems, and can automatically determine which alarms require actions.

The challenge

The digital environment is today very complex. It is common for customers to have different systems for managing different technology domains; networks, servers, finance systems, web portals, door locks, sensors, etc. All of these have their own monitoring and control systems, which are very inefficient and difficult to work with.


Netcool is a very competent solution for alarm management that is used by everything from telecom operators, MSPs, defense organizations, the financial sector to industry and transport companies. It is used as an umbrella tool to centralize alarm management and to create an effective condition for information and integrations with monitoring centers and surrounding systems. Typical integrations include case management systems, Service Management, inventory, CMDB, Operation Support Systems (OSS) and provisioning systems. Underlying Element Management Systems (EMS) with various alarm sources can in many cases not only send in alarms but also share information bi-directionally to ensure common status information at all levels of operation and management.

Netcool is multitenant in its architecture ie has functions for having several customers in the same installation, has role-based access control and is scalable in all dimensions. The system can be set up with full redundancy and for disaster recovery, disaster recovery. We have also made installations that operate both horizontally and hierarchically over several different security zones.


IBM has a complete range of solutions for managing the digital infrastructure of the Tivoli product family.

You can find the IBM product information website here.


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