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Search, and you will find how easy you can make it complex

An important component for analyzing data is a really good search tool that works in real time. If one can then combine it with both proprietary solutions and custom COTS, the utility effect is great. It is all about collecting logs or indexing millions of documents for quick search, so that there are alternative possibilities to make visible and present the results so that relevant tools can streamline and simplify your existence.

The challenge

Most of our customers themselves have a high level of technical know-how and are driven by development within their area. This means that in many cases we act as a sounding board in the choice of solution or integration. Perhaps you first want to test yourself on a smaller scale and thereby also define their requirements and wishes in order to later get a more comprehensive picture of the whole solution and its architecture. Not least, one wants to get a grip on cost for operation, development and management and make a comparison with COTS or existing solution.
In many cases, it is also about functionality that is not realized before and where you need to quickly get a search management on site, a supplement. We deliver, among other things, extended data and log management solutions to existing COTS implementations.


Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Beat) is simple and scalable for search-driven solutions with tools for analyzing data. It is an intuitive tool for monitoring and handling that provides the opportunity for visualization and control.
By combining Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Beat you get real-time insights from both structured and unstructured data sources. With Elastic you can start on a small scale and then grow in line with the requirements and volumes that are in the business.


We have chosen to cooperate with Elastic. Partly because the product is open source, it is free and because there is a large network to discuss and exchange ideas and solutions with.
As well as support and extended functionality are available via subscription.
Elasticsearch is one of the most popular search products on the market that is widely used but often under completely different names as it is ok to modify and distribute the product.


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