ThousandEyes kombinerar en mängd olika aktiva och passiva övervakningstekniker för att ge djupa insikter i användarupplevelsen över de applikationer och tjänster som levereras över internet. ThousandEyes utnyttjar en expansiv Internetövervakningsdatauppsättning för att ge internetavbrottsdetektering i realtid, driven av kollektiv intelligens.

ThousandEyes combines a variety of active and passive monitoring technologies to provide customers with deep insights into the user experience across the applications and services delivered over the Internet. ThousandEyes utilizes an expansive Internet surveillance data set to provide real-time Internet interruption detection, powered by collective intelligence.


To understand how the Internet and external factors affect the running time of your web application you need insight into routing, end-to-end path, performance (like latency or loss) and hop-by-hop statistics. To understand the usability of your applications, you need application inventory data and synthetic business transaction monitoring. To understand the effects of dependencies, such as APIs or micro-services, built into modern applications, you need insight into errors anywhere along this complex chain that can have cascading effects on the digital experience. ThousandEyes provides you with the overall image and synthetic measurement you need to gain insight into performance and quickly troubleshoot issues from real user perspectives.

Infrastructure for application delivery

Companies rely on a number of key services to deliver applications and media to users worldwide. CDNs form a significant part of organizations’ delivery infrastructure, and most companies are also dependent on external DNS providers. As your delivery infrastructure becomes more complex and dependent on third parties, you need insight into their service performance and real-time reachability to manage any impact on your own business.

Safer applications

Build applications faster and with fewer errors by testing in Dev what you monitor in Ops. By proactively capturing problems and addressing them earlier in the application development process, teams can optimize the code itself and avoid making time-consuming corrections later. With ThousandEye’s synthetic transactions, companies can start monitoring the same metrics before they go into production and afterwards to catch errors and fix them long before a customer is affected.

Network health and routing

Internet access and transit are crucial to modern businesses, and having insight into peering and transit ISP performance is crucial to ensuring the connectivity that digital businesses depend on. Whether you are a digital company with revenue-generating websites and mobile apps or a company migrating to SD-WAN with direct Internet access to applications running in IaaS or SaaS clouds, monitoring BGP routing, ISP performance and global Internet health is important to ensure a highly accessible network service and optimal digital experience for users.



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